Wednesday 8 June 2011

MathML for CSS Profile

I'm delighted to announce that the MathML for CSS profile has been published as a W3C Recommendation.

This had a dependency on CSS 2.1 which was also published today.

This completes the three REC-track documents produced by the MathML3-era Working Group, joining:


The MathML for CSS profile (most of the technical work for which was done by George Chavchanidze of Opera) defines how a subset of MathML may be implemented using CSS. This is useful for two reasons: Firstly, it highlights possible places where CSS could be extended to improve its expressive power (so allowing a larger subset of MathML to be implemented) or secondly, it may be viewed directly as an implementation of a useful subset of MathML (and is similar to the CSS stylesheet for MathML which is used for MathML support in Opera). As usual, comments are welcome here or on list.

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