Friday 25 September 2009

MathML3 Last Call

The Last Call draft of MathMl3 has just been published at

Please send comments to, starting your subject line with

The has been more refinement of the elementary math layout markup in chapter 3, a lot of work cleaning up and normalising chapter 4 on Content Markup, and a new Relax NG Schema, which is now almost all generated (via XSLT) from the text of the spec, as attributes and content models are now displayed in a tabular form more amenable to machine processing.

Also for the first time, we are publishig DTD and XSD versions of the schema, both of which are automatically converted from the Relax NG schema by a combination of XSLT (to simplify the schemas) and trang (to do the actual conversion) and (in the case of dtd) sed processing to massage the dtd into xhtml modularisation form, so that it supports namespaces as far as is possible with a dtd.