Thursday 17 May 2012

Public MathML Editor's Draft

Today we announced that a public copy of the editor's draft of MathML is available. Previously it was only available to W3C members (or as copies from other locations).

This is a draft “2nd Edition” of MathML 3.0. It incorporates a number of errata that have been reported over the last year. The Math Working Group will continue to gather and correct mistakes in the MathML 3.0 spec and update this draft accordingly.

Please see the change log in the diff marked version for links to highlighted sections that have changed since the first edition of MathML was published.

The draft is available in several formats:

The Normative version of the spec: HTML 4, one HTML page per chapter with no MathML to be rendered by the browser.
Diff Marked HTML(4)
As above, but with highlighted sections showing any changes from the 1st edition of MathML 3.0.
XHTML + MathML Version
XHTML including MathML examples to be displayed in the browser.
Single file HTML(5) + MathML Version

NEW! The spec as a single HTML page (rather than a page per chapter) with inline MathML examples. This version also includes the option of applying JavaScript to affect the display of MathML, Converting Content MathML to Presentation and optionally invoking the MathJax system to render the MathML.

The transformation to Presentation MathML basically uses my ctop XSLT transformation invoked separately on each MathML fragment via JavaScript.

PDF version.
Version of the document typeset with LaTeX.

As always comments on the draft are welcome. here, or preferably, on the mailing list.