Tuesday 12 June 2007

XML position at NAG

NAG is looking for someone to work in the XML Technologies Group, that is, "my" group. So if you are interested, please contact the address specified in the above posting.


Unknown said...

Sounds like an interesting position - what type of work are you doing with the XML/XSLT arena, and have you looked much at the XForms/XQuery side of things?

-- Kurt Cagle
-- Webmaster, www.xforms.org

David Carlisle said...

A paper describing some aspects of the kind of work we do is available online, although the details have changed somewhat in the 4 years since then. (All the Math is in MathML rather than TeX now for example), to see the kinds of documents we produce compare for example the following (all generated from same XML source):
Fortran (XHTML)

Also formats that are not on line, such as help documents for Maple (in Maple's own worksheet XML) or Matlab (essentially HTML), and as mentioned in the job description, we increasingly generate code as well as documentation to interface the library to systems of various sorts.

XForms: only looked at briefly so far, XQuery isn't currently used by NAG, but I did look at it rather hard and ended up implementing it, as can be seen at the W3C's XQuery test suite site although that was a personal project not a NAG one.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've got a problem with a LaTeX enviroment (tabularx). In the source code I've found your name but no email to contact you (I've found this blog from google). How can I contact you for a possible bug report in tabularx?

Thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, sorry, sorry!!! I've found the problem: It's not the tabularx enviroment, but an unusual combination of tables and chapter numbering.