Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Testing the emacs interface

Posting from emacs, editing existing post from emacs


Florent Georges said...


I didn't know you had a blog. Thanks to DaveP that announced it :-)

Could I ask you what Emacs mode you use to edit your posts? If I understand correctly, you edit your posts directly inline, through Emacs. Sounds really great!

Regards, and welcome,


David Carlisle said...

t's TV Ramans' g-glient mode It takes a bit of fiddling to set up (some parts still don't work for me I'll post the full customisation when I get it all going) but posting and editing works (when i try to get the full blog feed I get emacs lisp errors, comments in TV's blog suggest others get similar and problem is partly because he uses a bleeding edge emacs release from cvs so not everything is in more normal emacs distro and partly because things are always a bit tricky on windows. the word "emacs" in the second post "testing the interface" links to the emacs mode.

I'm still answering comments in this text box in a browser though, won't feel really comfortable until that's working in emacs as well..